Six Ways to Get College Scholarships

Question: In your article about paying for college, you said you helped your kids research and apply for scholarships. Can you give me some advice about doing this?

Answer: It’s great to see a high school senior so motivated. You can do lots of things:

  1. Study hard. There is no magic in this, but great grades really help. In Arizona, a 4.0 GPA can be worth a $40,000 scholarship.
  2. Pump up your SAT score by going to the free Web sites and and practice like like crazy.
  3. Read Ben Kaplan’s books, How To Go To  College Almost For Free and The Scholarship Scouting Report.
  4. College Expenses Piling up

    Search Out Scholarships   Go to and put in your profile. They will notify you of scholarships fitting your interests and inform you of writing contests you can enter and hopefully win.

  5. FAFSA   Get your parents to help you fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at It qualifies you for lots of scholarships and grants.
  6. Get organized. If you keep track of deadlines, you can apply for and win many scholarships.

Our kids have averaged about $100 per hour for their efforts. With diligence, organization and determination, we bet you can do even better. We've written several articles on paying for college and finding scholarships which are in our blog!