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So glad you are up and running.  I've enjoyed looking around the new site. Thanks for all the hard work,
Kelly - Charlotte, NC

I know that we are part of the spending frenzy, i was never taught to save and truly became a shopaholic.  My children are now the same way. I watched the new show downsized and that is my family (minus the million past income) I want to make changes and become more thrifty, I work, my husband works and my children "expect" that things will be given to them.  How do we start without giving them to much of a shock?   I do plan on buying your book tonight.  I want to make our lifestyle "liveable" and also help my children (teens) to learn more about money and frugality.  For your children they didnt know any other way, now its sort of hard to turn back the hand of time.  Any tips or pointers from anyone?

Let them learn with you.  Teach them while you still have them at home.  Make it a project to do together.  Even if you make decent wages you could show them your debt and help them to get on board with you in the challenge to get out of debt.  Make it a challenging game even.


My name is Maureen Sydnor and I'm hearing impaired from Phoenix, Arizona. I do not believe any cheap processed foods from any grocery stores, due to unhealthy products or GMO. What do you think CSA-Farmer's market or Green Boxes, are they cheap to purchase organic produces than grocery stores with organic produces?

Do you add any closed captioned on any DVD's ? I have noticed your tube do not have captioned. Please add the words if you can that would be very helpful.



I just joined and plan to give your book to my two adult kids.

Whenever possible, I buy the grocery store's generic version of branded products. Often it is 25%-50% less. I really have no brand loyalties in a grocery store, and have little time for juggling coupons.

Talk me out of this strategy. What am I missing?

Roger Peterson

Rocklin, CA


Roger, there is nothing wrong with buying private-labeled products. They are often manufactured by the brand name company. If you find a private labeled product you like, buy it and save.

I wanted to say thank you to you both as you have quite literally changed my life. i know that seems to be an awfully big statement but if you bear with me i will tell you why. I am completely Debt Free as of yesterday (apart from the mortgage which will now be overpaid till its gone) i have paid off nearly £30,000 in the last few years, as a single mum of two, working full time and not having any knowledge of budgeting or saving until i found your website and had a lightbulb moment. There was always too much month at the end of my money and it didn't matter how much i earned it was never enough, so i bought your books, sat down and got myself an education. I also sat my two girls down and gave them the same education (wish my parents had done this years ago) anyway, fast forward and i use the envelope system for everything, i have savings in the bank for the first time in my life (i am nearly 40) and have paid all my debt off, what a relief, i feel so light and free, my money is for me and my girls not some faceless company, my girls sit with me every month and we do the budget, i find this is such a godsend as they can see where the money goes and just because i earn X amount it does not mean i can afford whatever they want that month, there are outgoings to consider as well, and it saves so many arguments and stresses, we shop together, getting bargains and trying to beat each other with savings, its great fun and i know i am teaching them real lessons for when they are older,

Anyway, i wanted to say thank you, as even though i am 'across the pond' and alot of the advice is not relevant for me there is still alot of information i can and do use, and i wanted to say thank you, as i feel you have quite literally saved the roof over my head and showed me the way and i will be eternally grateful

wish you all the best



MamaJ—Thanks for sharing your awesome story! You are doing amazing things and affecting the lives of your daughters in profound ways. You've scaled a huge mountain and now stand at the top for all the world to see. Sure, you've had some sacrifices and hit a few bumps in the road, but you made it and, you'll continue to make it. Don't look back—there are only great things to come! Thanks for taking time to encourage all of us! We're celebrating with you!!!!!

Hello! I just need a good meatball recipe to freeze - any recipes to share? Thanks, Valia


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