Mr. Yowder Series

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Glen Rounds

His name is Mr. Xenon Zebulon Yowder and he is a sign painter who travels around the country trading his craft for room and board.

He’s a crusty old fellow who gets himself involved in some pretty hilarious predicaments. There are four books in the Mr. Yowder series. Glen Rounds has a wonderful back woods way of writing, weaving each story with his dry sense of humor and some really unexpected twists. The first time Annette read one of these books aloud to the kids she was laughing so hard, she had tears streaming down her cheeks. Titles in the series include:

Glen Rounds was born in a sod house and grew up in the Badlands of South Dakota. Later his family moved to a horse ranch in Montana. He has written or illustrated over 150 books including tall tales, narratives of life in the old west and nature books. He studied painting and drawing at the Art Institute in Kansas City.