McBroom Family Series

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McBroom's zoo, family, farm, zoo, wind, truth
Sid Fleischman
Illustrated by Kurt Werth

WillJillHesterChesterPeterPollyTimTomMaryLarry and Little Clorinda! – try saying that three times fast. If you read these books to your younger kids, you’ll become quite proficient at this phrase. So much so, that it will enter unexpectedly into daily conversation and you’ll wonder about your sanity.

This series of books is a laughable delight as the extremely large McBroom family—with eleven kids—comes to live on their fantastic one-acre farm. Now, Josh McBroom, the father, is as trustworthy as  . . . well, to put it in his words, “I’d just as soon live in a tree as tamper with the truth.” He narrates the stories about their family and farm with the incredibly rich top soil – so rich that crops could be planted and harvested in the same day. Just about anything would grow in that soil, “why just yesterday our oldest boy dropped a five-cent piece and before he could find it that nickel had grown to a quarter.”

You’ll giggle and marvel as the family fights off a jealous neighbor, deals with an invasion of grasshoppers and chases down a twister that runs off with their valuable topsoil. Young children will request these stories over and over again.

There are 10 stories in the series which includes:

Sid Fleischman has authored over 35 books and was awarded the Newberry Medal for The Whipping Boy in 1987. 

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