Square Foot Gardening

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Mel Bartholomew

The book, "Square Foot Gardening" got us questioning the concept of long rows of plants, over planting and thinning. Mel looks at gardening from the perspective of a small family rather than a mass-production farm. Who wants to have to thin out seedlings? Mel suggests planting individual seeds in pre-defined, one-square-foot sections. He gives specific instructions for different kinds of plants and even has diagrams to help in your planning. Your seeds will go much further than ever before. He also talks about soil, location, sun, what and when to plant, vertical growing, tools and much more. Using his methods will save time and increase your enjoyment of gardening. This book is a must for anyone who loves to garden or is just considering starting out. His website contains informative videos and a wealth of information about his gardening method. Visit www.squarefootgardening.com.



We discovered square foot gardening two years ago.  Easy to implement no matter how much space you have available.  We had a 60 foot by 62 foot city lot. But, TWO squares of 3 by 3 feet each kept me out of the local farmer's market most of the summer season!  Indispnsilbe resource no matter where you live!