One Year to a College Degree — What Every College Hopes You Never Learn

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One Year to a College Degree
Lynette Long
Eileen Hershberger

Every New Year, Eileen Hershberger would resolve to return to college and get a degree. She had started 28 years earlier, failed her first semester, and then quit. With dogged determination and a sharp questioning mind, one year later she earned her bachelors degree.

This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to get the most out of college. While most of us won’t be able to graduate in one year, we can shorten the duration of college by leveraging our job experience credit, CLEP testing, cooperative education, internships and many other ways. If you have expertise in a particular vocational area, there are likely to be several classes that you will find very easy, or take a pass / fail or test out of to receive credit. This book contains a wealth of information and is a must read for anyone contemplating, returning to, or currently attending college. The authors provide thorough self-help instructions complete with a reference guide, worksheets and resource lists. They also include inside tips only professors and upper level counselors would know.