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This was another fun interview with the folks at Good Morning Arizona. Abbey, Joseph and Roy accompanied us on this show. They shared how they save the money they earn for:

Clothes — Abbey showed off some of her sparkly bargains Vacation Souvenirs

Annette, Roy, Joe and Abbey Economides
Annette, Roy, Joe and Abbey ready to
go on Good Morning Arizona

Vacations — Joseph told how he had saved over $100 for our upcoming trip to Washington, DC.

Fun Stuff — Roy shared how he had saved and purchased a Radio Controlled plan. Dan Davis got a kick out of this. And later in the morning as we sat in the studio and watched the Queen of Clean share her tip for the day, Dan snuck into the control room directly behind Marty Velasco Hames and the Queen and began to hold Roy's plane up over his head and pretended it was flying, diving and soaring, all this while the two women were discussing how to remove stains from clothing. The whole studio crew was laughing and Marty and Linda Cobb (The Queen) didn't know, until later, exactly what was happening.

Economides Family on the Good Morning Arizona Set. Scott Pasamore, Marty Haymes, Dan Daily
On the Good Morning Arizona set. Left to right: Joe, Roy, Steve, Scott  Pasamore, Annette, Dan Daily, Abbey, and Marty Haymes.

Simple Budgeting For those people who bristle at the word "Budget," we shared a simple method for managing those expenses where most people overspend — Recreation, Clothing and Food. We recommend using a simple cash envelope system for these expenses. It is the easiest to manage and extremely easy to know when to stop spending.

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