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Raising Financially Independent Kids

We appeared on The Harvest Show, Wednesday, October 17, 2012 and taped 5 additional segments for airing in 2013 on July 3, 16, 23 and August 1, 7 (we'll post the other segments as we get them edited).

It will be a 10 to 14 minute interview so we'll be able to touch on many different areas of content from The MoneySmart Family System. The five additional segments covered the following topics. 

  1. Toys, Recreation and Technology
  2. Clothes / Miscellaneous Expenses
  3. Work and Transportation
  4. Debt Free College / Friends Love and Marriage
  5. Boomerang kids, Bailouts and  MoneySmart Grand Parenting

You can watch the Harvest show live or online. Check out their TV listing to find out when the show runs in your area.

October 17, 2012 MoneySmart Family System segment

Additional Segments:

July 3, 2013

MoneySmart Kids Chores and Real Life Expenses

The Harvest Show host Valerie Lowe discusses how Steve & Annette Economides taught their kids to become financially independent using everyday, real-life expenses. Learn about wish lists, chores, buying toys and other methods from their book, "The MoneySmart Family System.


Things Parents Should and Shouldn't Pay For!

The Harvest Show host, Valerie Lowe discusses with NY Times Best Selling Authors Steve & Annette Economides things parents should and shouldn't pay for with their children. Allowing children, teens and young adults to pay their own way for smaller expenses in life will prepare them to pay their own way as they get older. They discuss allowing your children the privilege of paying for their own: clothes, prom gowns, school portraits (additional ones); cosmetics; sun glasses; and cell phones. They also touch on whether pets should be used to teach responsibility and if parents should pay for cosmetic surgery. 


MoneySmart Kids with Jobs and Cars!

  • Should every teen have a part-time job or is school enough for them?
  • Should every sixteen year-old expect a new car on their birthday?

Valerie Lowe interviews NY Times Best Selling Authors, Steve & Annette Economides as they relate how they raised five moneysmart kids. They discuss preparing their teens for their first job and the sense of satisfaction felt when they earned their first "real" paycheck. They also share what happened when their eldest son told an insurance agent that the car he really wanted to drive was a Dodge Viper! 


MoneySmart Young Adults - College and Marriage 

Parents of young adults have entered the $5000 / $50,000 stage of the 5/50/500 rule and need to be prepared to help their kids navigate the costly waters of College and Marriage. NY Times Best Selling Authors Steve & Annette Economides share with Harvest Show host Valerie Lowe how they've launched their young adult children into an orbit of financial independence. You'll get tips on helping them save money on College, how to navigate the deep waters of relationships and how to lovingly support, but not enable your financially hurting adult children.






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