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discount office items

You know we're careful with how we spend our money. Well, we do the same thing with our business. We're always looking for deals, discounts and great service. If we can buy office supplies from eBay or , we will, but often times when it comes to disposable items like regular envelopes, padded shipping envelopes and shipping labels the prices are pretty competitive.

You know we love to plan as much of life as we can. We have a weekly "staff" meeting as a family. Everyone has a date book or some sort of calendar. We've found our datebook refills at DiscountOfficeItems for about 40 percent less than at Walmart or other office supply stores.

A few years ago we stumbled upon Their customer service is phenomenal. You get a live person on the phone who knows what they are talking about (and they speak English!). Call 1-866-302-5397  

Discount Office Items: Low Prices + Free Shipping! But more importantly, we've found that their prices beat the pants off of Staples and Office Max (sorry guys) and are even better than most listings we find on ebay. The always have special coupon offers out their for discounts, but their standard is free shipping with orders of $75 or more.

Don't just take our word for it, browse their website and do your own comparison. Or better yet, get on the phone and talk to them.

Here's a little more info about them from their website:

Discount Office Items, an Internet Retailer Top 500 Store and the fastest-growing Office Supplies company with over 40,000 items, offers low prices on quality office supplies, school supplies, technology items, janitorial supplies, office furniture and more!