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Our web site is hosted by To be honest, there are other providers who may be a little cheaper, but we like the fact that we can call (480) 505-8877, usually spend less than 3 minutes on hold and get a live person (English speaking American) on the phone to help answer any questions we have. No joke, a real person who is well trained and speaks English. We've been to their offices in Scottsdale, and know several people who work there. They run a great organization and have given us excellent customer service.Start a website with a $7.99 .COM domain from GoDaddy!If you have a web site and are tired waiting forever for answers or tired of online chat with customer service consider GoDaddy. 

They're real people and easy to talk to. When we were going to our first appearance on Good Morning America in 2004, we knew that our hosting package wouldn't handle the traffic. The people at 

$1.99 Web Hosting at Go Daddy

GoDaddy gave us added bandwidth in exchange for putting a banner ad on our web site - all at no extra charge. They've been really easy to work with.

And if you want to register a domain name they're pretty cheap too.