Simple Gardening Solution

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We love gardening and grow organic fruits and veggies on our property all year long. For those of you with limited space or time, there's a great product to help you garden without the hassles of roto-tilling the soil and fighting weeds.

Take a look at the EarthBox system. It's a simple self-containted gardening system complete with specially designed soils for indoor or outdoor use, a built in watering system and wheels to move the box from place to place until you find the perfect location. It's easy to use and costs less than $50 to start. What could be easier?

We have an elderly friend who never gardened before and she tried the EarthBox system and had great success with it. She proudly showed us her Cherry Tomatoes and Green Peppers (both about 4 feet tall). Not bad for a novice! For indoor gardening, you'll need a grow light or a window that gets lots of sun.

Visit the official EarthBox website here.