Discount Books, Music and Movies

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We love books at our house — we have over 3000 of them; and we love music — it's constantly playing — we have several hundred cds, even more mp3s and even some LPs.

While we love music and books, we don't love paying full price for them.

If we're looking for kids books, they are easiest to find inexpensively at garage sales and thrift stores. But when it comes to specific fiction or non-fiction books for us or to be given as gifts, we find our best deals on-line. One of our favorite web sites for finding deals on books, music and movies is

We've also purchased music books, games and college text books through them.

All we do is search for the title we're looking for and usually there will be many people selling it. Half categorizes the items by their condition —  from Brand New to Acceptable. They also list the price being asked, shipping amount and the sellers satisfaction rating. We only buy from top rated sellers. The shipping is pretty reasonable — usually sent via media mail.

Make one of your regular sources when you're researching a purchase.


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