How You Can Eliminate Outrageous Cell Phone Bills

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Get PREPAID without getting BURNED!

We like T-Mobile Prepaid Plans (read more about them here) and just purchased a pre-paid phone for emergencies. T-Mobile's customer service is phenomenal. Their best deal is to buy 1000 minutes of air-time (1 year expiration) and then roll-over any unused minutes by purchasing any denomination of minutes before the end of the year.

Cell phone savingsWe spent $100 for 1000 minutes (with a one-year expiration). But what sold us on the plan was that we could roll-over any unused minutes if we purchased as little as $5 additional air time before the one year anniversary. You’ll pay a little more for the minutes you use, but you won’t have a contract or a high monthly payment.

Do your research and start saving.

If your teens have cell phones   How many families have been stunned by their teen's cell phone habits and the resultant bills. We're talking shockers of over $400 in a month! Put a stop to this budget busting habit.

First, have your teen be responsible for most, if not all of their cell phone bill.

Second, if you want to help them control costs, get them a prepaid cell phone plan.

300x250 family Third, consider a family plan that they pay their portion of. We just switched to a TMobile Family Plan and our kids with cell phones love it!



Another option is to try StraightTalk. It's a new alliance between Walmart and TracFone. $35 pre-paid gets you 1000 talk minutes, 1000 texts and 30 mb of internet. $45 gets you unlimited talk, text and internet. We're giving this a try and will let you know how it works.

LG620G - All You Need - Save BIG!

Update 10.18.11 : We've been using our StraightTalk phone for 3 months now and thoroughly love it and our lower bill. We're paying $33 (tax included) for 1000 talk minutes, 1000 text messages and 30 mb of internet. Their internet access is a bit limited - you can't stream videos, but by loading the Bolt app browser, we've been able to load every page we've wanted to view. If you're looking for the most robust internet browsing package, this isn't for you, but if you want to check email, use google maps and search google for answers it works great! 




I disagree about Tracfone service. I have been using them for over five years. Their C/S may be staffed by foreigners but they are polite/ courteous. They listen to my concern before assuming they know the problem and trying to fix it like the American C/S people often try to do. They have taken care of all "problems" each and every time I have called them. Which is five times and 4 out of the 5 times the problem was my fault. So I would and do recommend Tracfone to people who need a little prepaid phone. In fact I just broke my phone this past wknd. So I went out and brought a newer Tracfone for 19.95. I was able to transfer my unused minutes from my old phone to the new phone. Also the new phone came with the additional perk of the doubling (120/240, etc) purchase minutes for the lifetime of the phone. So my experience is vastly different from yours on this point.


Thanks for your update on TracFone's customer service. Obviously you've had several good interractions with them. We did our test in 2006 and actually talked with someone in their Public Relations department in Florida about our experience. Maybe enough people have complained and they've changed the way the work with customers.

If you are researching a pre-paid phone, consider TracFone, it sounds like things have improved there!


Ive been this prepaid cellphone site for 5 years now and like it.

STI Mobile offers a cellphone for $36.99.(Sometimes they have the cellphone advertised for free!) Anyway, the deal is you buy the phone and they give you $20 minutes free(200 minutes). Then when you use up your minutes and it gets down to zero minutes you just add minutes. There is no time frame. The company even credits you $1.50 on your cellphone each time you put minutes on your phone. They have rates as low as 7.9 cents per minute.

No contracts, no fees, no obligations, no taxes, and no surcharges. When you use up your minutes and wait 14 days without adding minutes then the phone becomes inactive. So you just add more minutes. Sometimes I just add $10 to the phone.

HOWEVER, YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO BUY MINUTES. The phone will just become inactive after 14 days. Of course if you want to keep the phone active when you use up your minutes then put $10 on the card.

I use 1200 minutes per year. My cellphone bill is $10 a month. I text and use my phone moderately. I mainly use my cellphone for emergencies though.

If you buy your minutes at STI mobil's website they charge you an extra $1 for transaction costs. So if you want to save a dollar each time you buy minutes then go to this site to buy your minutes. Or you can buy minutes at most retail stores such as western union, 7-11, Staples, Dollar General, etc.

Save BIG $$$$. Try it.

We decided to use Virgin mobile for our son.  He is in many sports and social activities with school and friends.  It is nice to be able to get in touch with him.  For $25.00 a month which he pays. he gets 300 minutes and unlimited everything else.  texting is the newest cool thing and after my research it was the best option for us.  I am also looking into putting him on my unlimited plan which will cost me approximately $15.00 to $20.00 a month after tax and a free phone to boot.  Easy Christmas present. 

It's best to get a plan with mobile billing, which makes paying much easier and convenient.  It is amazing though that we are talking about kids having cell phones when 15 years ago virtually no kids had their own cell phones.  The world changes fast!

Interesting post on how to avoid the so called "bill shock". An estimated 30 million Americans who were hit with "bill shock". What happens when a cell phone user surpasses his or her voice minutes, data usage, and text messages, incurring extra charges will likely rejoice over the Federal Communications Commission's announcement today that it will ask cell companies to voluntarily start alerting customers via text and/or voice when they're about to rack up fees. Nothing is worse than opening the cellular phone bill to discover it is way more than it should. It is often referred to as “bill shock,” and it occurs to a lot of people. The cellular carrier market and federal regulators have just reached an agreement that could keep it from happening anymore, as providers have decided to start giving more advanced notice.