Great Food in NYC

Cosmic Diner

We were asked this question on Facebook:


Q. So other than the greenroom, where did you eat in NYC? And how was that economically speaking? 

A. Our absolutely favorite restaurant is Cosmic Diner ( we mention them in the book). They are in the theater district. The owners are Greek, the menu is huge, the portions are generous and the cost is low (especially for NYC standards). 52nd Street and 8th Avenue:

Cosmic Diner Dinner








Dinner at Cosmic Diner in NYC. We stumbled upon this restaurant one night when we were searching for some Chinese food. Someone gave us wrong directions, but it turned out to be one of the best "mistakes" we've ever had. Any time we're in NYC we eat at Cosmic Diner for several meals.


Cosmic diner Owner John










John is one of the owners. He's Greek and a lot of fun.