Save Money Eating Out and On Vacation

discount dining and entertainment coupons

We buy an Entertainment Book every year not only for saving for dining out in Phoenix, but for so much more!

Eating Out

We've used the Entertainment Book for years to save on dining out. They've got coupons for hundreds of restaurants from fast food to elegant sit-down restaurants.


Many years they've had grocery coupons for Safeway offering $5 or $10 off your grocer purchase — using a couple of these coupons almost pays for the price of the book.

 In our city's Entertainment Book there are coupons for local museums, the symphony, numerous live theaters and sporting events. One year we bought two-for-one tickets for a local theater company and saw a couple of great shows: Crooners (a musical about  . . . crooners - guys who sing) and Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters First 100 Years (a great story about Sadie and Bessie Delaney — daughters of a freed black slave).

We saved $25 for each of the plays. It's a great deal!

On Vacation

Get an Entertainment Book for your summer vacation destination. Most years the books are discounted up to 50% off (and offer free shipping) during the summer because they are halfway through their expiration period. So when we are visiting another city for a week or so, we order a book for that city. Not only do you get tons of restaurant coupons, but you also get two-for-one (or discount) coupons for local museums and other attractions.

We saved a boodle in Colorado one summer using our discount coupons for everything from Pizza to visiting The Cave of the Winds.

Renting A Car   On an 18 day mega-vacation to Washington, DC and the east coast, careful use of the Entertainment Book rental car discount and a couple of EB coupons saved us over $350 on our car rental. The Entertainment discount alone surpassed the discount prices offered by Sam's Club and AAA. Do your own research to get the best deal, but don't forget to ask about an Entertainment Book discount.

Here is a link to the Entertainment website. This ad is controlled by them and changes several times throughout the year to reflect their latest promotion: