How We Saved $200 Each Month on Health Insurnance

Health insurance savings

Health insurance — you've got to have it. Since we're self-employed, we get to find and purchase our own — how exciting.

Well, it did get REALLY exciting a while back when we decided to give a try. Here's what we did.

The initial information required is minimal: Number of people to be insured and birthdays. At this point you can stay anonymous.

Once you put in the info you'll get to see a listing of a number of health insurance companies in your state along with their prices. The first list you'll see is eHealth's top 12 suggested options for you. There's a button on the top left where you can choose to see all the plans they offer and sort them by price. This is what we did. Plans for our family started as low as $220 per month and went up to $1900 per month. We reviewed the information, read the details and made a few phone calls directly to the insurance company to confirm details.

We ended up selecting to stay with our current insurer, but change our deductible a little. The change we made saved us $200 per month! We plan on taking the savings and building our medical deductible savings account with that money. We're basically using the savings to self-insure — once that's done, the savings will be allocated to other projects.

In our case, all we had to do was send a letter requesting a change in the deductible. But if you want to apply for new insurance, it will take you about an hour to fill out the actual application. You'll need lots of personal information: last doctor visit dates, any diagnosis of chronic conditions and answer some general health questionnaires. Once your final application is completed you'll probably be asked to pay the first month's premium. You may want to call eHealth Insurance to confirm, but in our situation, that was the case.

How much should you be saving on Health Insurance?

If you buy your own health insurance or pay a significant portion of your employer provided coverage, check out

Health insurance is your first line of protection against financial disaster. If you can't afford health insurance, please, please contact your state department of insurance (this page has links for every state) and see what they can do to help you.