How we save on Preventative Health Care

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We've purchased our vitamins and herbal supplements from Puritan's Pride for years and years. Great customer service, excellent return policy and fast shipping make them a pleasure to do business with. But the best thing is the buy one, get multiples free deals they offer. Watch their catalogs and web site for monthly special offers.

Ben Franklin said, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

We believe that 100% especially when it comes to our health. We eat healthy food, get exercise, drink a lot of water, wash our hands often and take vitamins and herbs to maintain our health and fight off any sickness that might come our way.

We buy most of our vitamins and herbs from Puritan's Pride because they regularly have great sales and their prices beat everyone else. We've compared prices to Sam's Club, CostcoWalgreens Health & Wellness and CVS.

Each summer they have an absolutely killer sale — BUY 1 GET 2 FREE.
Here are a few of their prices on items we bought:

Vitamin C 1000 250 $22.99 750 caplets 1.6 cents each
Echinacea 400 250 $9.99 600 capsules 1.66 cents each
Grapeseed Extract 50 200 $7.66 600 capsules 1.2 cents each

In July we sent in our largest order ever.

What we do is list what vitamins or herbs we take on a regular basis and calculate how may we use in a year. Then we order that amount. It saves so much money and really keeps us healthy for less.

Last year we miscalculated what we needed and had to place an order in the middle of the year when they were running a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer— yup it was more expensive. So now is the time to check out their sale prices.

Be smart though. Compare prices at Sam's Club and Costco online, you'll find that some of their prices may be close to the deal you'll get at Puritan's Pride, but they don't have the same variety and quantities of vitamins and herbs.

Two more great things about Puritan's Pride is that you pay no sales tax unless you live in IL, NY or ND (that saves us 8% in Arizona) and there are always online coupon codes to save even more — we paid no shipping because we Googled "Puritans Pride Coupon Codes" and found a coupon code that saved us $5 (it paid for the $4.95 shipping). That particular coupon is gone, but now they are offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more.

We still use a printed catalog to make our selections - it's faster to find things than on their web site. But we place our order online because it's quicker there and we can get better discounts.

You can order a catalog by calling 1.800.645.1030


Watch a video on how they make vitamins here