How old is that appliance

Used appliances

Over your lifetime you'll spend thousands of dollars on appliances — washers, dryers, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, stoves and more. There are always tons of these items listed on and in newspaper classified ads. The problem is finding appliances that are gently used, in good condition and selling at a good price.

We have a sure fire way of buying used appliances without getting soaked — read this article (subscribers only).

One of the tools we use is a web site called They've got information on buying new appliances, getting repair parts, appliance recalls, hiring a repair-person and even a Q&A Forum.

But the coolest part of their web site is the date code search page.

Search Your Serial Number Here

When you're buying a used appliance if you can get the serial number, this web site can tell you when it was manufactured. This is a big deal because many people selling used appliances can't remember exactly how old an appliance is. We know, many years ago we bought a dryer that was supposed to be 10 years-old and when we checked out the serial number we discovered it was 25 years-old. Oh, if we'd only known — we never would have bought that dryer.



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