I'm Not Embarrassed

We were out shopping for back to school clothes when I decided to pop into a local thrift store. My son was not pleased, but went along with his crazy mom! Well, lo and behold there was a pair of jeans just my son’s size! I convinced him to try them on and they fit perfectly. Best of all, they were only 3 dollars! When we went to pay for them I discovered they wouldn’t accept checks. So I dug around in my purse for 3 dollars in change. The last dollar was in pennies — He-He — the cashier didn’t mind and neither did I, but my son could of died from embarrassment!

Helen McMillen


Thoughout the school year, when going on my interim shopping trips, I go to an uber cool consignment shop a few blocks from our house where I can get VERY gently used, name brand and designer clothes for my kids. If I cannot find anything in their sizes at the consignment shop, I head over to Ross Dress For Less where everything is super cheap. **The last time I was there I bought jeans for my step son for $6 per pair that would cost between $50 and $75 per pair at the mall (I compared the prices)**.

I had gastric bypass in june and lost 80 lbs so far! I had alot of old clothes that i was holding on to and now I am able to wear them. All the shirts are way too big now, but the jeans can still go down to a size 14! I usually shop the clearance racks at Walmart, shop at Ross or the thrift stores. It's perfect! I go from one size to the next in less than a month so it would be rediculous to buy brand new clothes that is only going to fit for a short amount of time. Not until I had the surgery, did I realize the same when it came to shopping for my toddler boys. I then have a garage sale and sell the clothes that don't fit. I make sure to put on my signs that they are women's plus size clothing. I had so many people show up and sold items from $1-3.00 each. I got rid of alot of clothes and was able to use that money to buy clothes that fit at these stores. It's awesome! This is definately the way to go! It may take a bit to go through the racks, but it is well worth the time and money. Buy used and save the difference!