Budgeting at the Bank

BancFirst Finance works

I live in Oklahoma, and bank with BancFirst. They have added a program to their online banking called Financeworks (by Quicken). It links automatically to your account, and you can have it incorporate any of your other online accounts, other bank accounts, credit cards, loans, savings, etc. You can set up a budget, pay bills online, set up reminders of recurring payments and deposits, track spending, even have tracking for business related expenses. It even categorizes your purchases for you, but you can change them if it puts them in the wrong place. You can also 'split' purchases into separate categories. Great program. It can really help you get a realistic view of your finances in one location.

Katie R.
Oklahoma, USA

Check out your bank to see what services are offered and how they may help you in keeping your finances in order. Just be aware that all budgeting programs operate differently. In the past we've used Quicken and it doesn't allow for you to accumulate money in accounts like clothing or car repair in anticipation of non-recurring expenses.