Summer Activities For Kids

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We always had a movie night once a week during the summer.To help the kids not get bored in the summer we planned a weekly movie day with friends and picked a movie we could all enjoy from the local video store, had popcorn, and other munchies (you could also pick one up at the library for free). This was something they looked forward to each week. But, as the ages of our kids got older we had trouble finding a movie to make everyone happy so we changed it to a swim date at the community pool or at a relatives house.

Doreen H.
Phoenix, AZ


In my area, we have an events page on our city website. There are a lot of free activities, including concerts, outdoor movies, family friendly block parties, etc. Recently, we took the entire family to the grand opening for a new tourist museum, and though we didn't have the extra cash to purchase tickets to enter the museum, we caught the free outdoor concert and the fireworks exhibit. Checking for free events in your area is a great idea for summer.

We also have horse stables near the house that will reward good grades with a free ride every grading period for all school aged children in the district. Checking around for places like this, would not only save money and be fun for the kiddos, but would also help promote good grades in school!