Chill Out For Less

I am retired now and every year my utility bills seem to get worse and worse.

This is a very simple but effective way that I save money: I invested in four ceiling fans, (including a professional electricians’ installation) the entire package cost me $650. Next, I bought a 10,000 btu air conditioner window unit and installed it in the largest room of my house (great room). I set the unit at 70 degrees all summer long and it never turns off. I also keep the fans on constantly in the summer. The indoor temperature is always very pleasant and the fans circulate the cool air throughout the house (3000sq. ft.). I have also purchased a programmable timer for the heat pump in winter and I turn the fans to air flow pointing up to re-circulate the heat in the rooms. This may seem overly simple, but my electric bill went from an average of $235.00 in 2005 to $98.00 year round today. The original outlay for the fans and electrician was recouped in the first summer's bill three years ago. Also, the central air never runs in the summer and there are almost no maintenance issues. Consumer Reports is a great place to choose the best and cheapest unit and Sears almost gives window units away before winter.

T. Tidwell
Louisville, KY