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Stash Tea Bed & Breakfast BOGO

Stash Tea, Bed & Breakfast Guide, StashTea Buy one night get one free

My husband and I use the Stash Tea Bed and Breakfast guide when we take small vacations, they offer a deal that is

Abigail Waters
Kenosha Wisconsin

Editor's Note: Steve's all time favorite tea is Stash Licorice Spice. We know it sounds different, but oh my gosh, it is so good - very light licorice flavor with lots of other spices mixed in - Delish! We bought a case of it from Amazon!


Squished Memories

Squished pennies - Elongated pennies - coins

Our favorite souvenir has become the squished pennies out of the machines. They are just about at every tourist spot we have been to and only cost less than $1.  Long ago, I purchased a little album that they fit into for around $5.


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Angel Moore
Somerset, KY

Postcards for Home

postcard collecting

You find gift shops everywhere you go these days.  My children are ages 5 and 7.  They tend to want to get something as a souvenir whether we are at the zoo, on a road trip, etc.  To allow them to purchase something with their allowance, but still avoid spending s too much, I have started a post card album for each of them.  When we are on vacation or a special day trip, they can choose a couple of post cards to add to their album of memories.  This is also a great way to avoid having all of the "junk" cluttering their rooms.

Christine T.
Annandale, MN

Mom's Membership Makes Memories

One of the best deals I've found is membership in my local mothers' club. Dues are $30 per year. For this fee a world of opportunities are available for me and my family: Monthly meetings with informative speakers; inexpensive group outings, free baby sitting through the club's babysitting co-op, membership in a movie-moms group - we get reduced price tickets and go together- opportunities for community service and leadership. Last summer we took advantage of a two-night camp-out at a regional park with 15 other families from the club.

Jennifer G.
Pleasanton, CA
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