Which Store Has The Best Grocery Prices

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Question about saving on grocery expenses

Which grocery store has the best prices?

Answer about saving on groceries

We're asked this question all of the time at seminars and by reporters. The truth is that all stores will advertise something as a killer sale each week. These weekly sale items are called loss leaders; they are products that stores use to entice shoppers to come in and shop. The products usually are steeply discounted items where the profit margin is either very slim or non-existent for the grocer. (We were told by one retailer that the turkeys they sell at Thanksgiving for between $.29 and .$.49 per pound, cost the store $.89 per pound). Grocery stores are hoping that you’ll come into the store and buy the loss leader along with other full price items.

If you have time and know your prices, you can become a “cherry picker.” This is someone who just stops by the store for the loss leaders and buys nothing else. Grocers don’t like cherry pickers, but this is one sure-fire way to save on your grocery bill. Stocking up on loss leaders will fill your freezer and pantry with low-cost food while keeping your wallet stocked with excess cash. As you learn which prices are best and stock up judiciously on sale items, grocery shopping will become a game you’ll love to win. So, how do you shop? Are you loyal to one or two stores or do you cherry pick?


Which grocery store has the best grocery prices?



My father and myself are in between jobs, so we stick to two stores that are  in close driving distance to our home.  They both have great sales from time to time. However, I'll try and wait till an item goes on sale and use a coupon with it, before I buy it. For us it's saving gas, because we need that to look for jobs first. However, I stick to two particular stores really loyally.  Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather Weather

I shop at a locally owned grocery store in Oregon, Sherm's Thunderbird. They offer the lowest prices around even though there's a Walmart right down the street.  Walmart's food prices are actually a lot higher. I also visit one other store, Fred Myers, for items on sale.  Unfortunately, our local newspaper does not have inserted coupons, which I really miss. When I lived in California I used to cherry pick at Safeway, with coupons,  and loved it.

I get the sales flyers from the 3 major stores (except Walmart) in our area. I can cherry pick from 2 of them and get the discount even if I do not buy the quantities listed on the sale price such as 4 for $12. I can get only 1 for $3. Unfortunately, the third store has a stipulation that you must buy $35 worth of other groceries to get the sale price and/or you must buy all 4 to get the sale price. I usually buy my meats from the first 2 and staples from Walmart. Regular price at Walmart is usually less than the sale price at the other stores. AND if you buy Walmart's brand, Equate, you save even more...

I gather all the sales ads from local stores, get all my coupons together and head to Wal-Mart. Their regular prices are usually more expensive BUT they price match any competitors ad.  This saves my time and money and still allows me to get the best deal possible.