Getting Your Money's Worth

Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich

We had just completed a Once-A-Month cooking day (website subscribers can read more here) where Annette (with help from the rest of us) prepares between 10 and 17 dinner meals which we store in the freezer for use later in the month. On Once-A-Month cooking day, Annette gets the night off from preparing dinner (after preparing so many meals, she deserves a break . . .

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Going green for less

Question: What about “green”-conscious families, like mine, who are on organic/nonprocessed diets with recycled paper/plastic products, and nontoxic cleaners? They don’t have coupons for this stuff or carry it at warehouses. Do you have ideas to save money yet live healthy and environmentally-friendly?


Where do I find more coupons?

Question: How do I find more coupons for the groceries and other things I need?

Answer: Network with friends and relatives to share or trade coupons for things you use. We used to exchange unused coupons with a group of friends every Sunday at church. It was convenient and beneficial because we all used different products.

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