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Is Swagbucks Legit or a Scam? - our Review.

Is Swagbucks a legitimate way to earn gift cards or other income for your family or is Swagbucks a scam?

We’ve all heard the “make money searching on the internet” pitches — how many of those are legit?
And we’ve read stories about people getting all kinds of free things just for sending in their email address to a giveaway website. But have you ever experienced any of these bonuses?

A few months ago a blogger friend of ours mentioned earning gift cards with a website called Swagbucks, once again we doubted the validity of her claim. We Googled "Is Swagbucks a scam" and found some very compelling blogs written about it. Some people didn't like this website, but others said, "Swagbucks is Legit!" We decided to evaluate it for ourselves . . . here's what we found.

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We’ve been skeptical of these kinds of pitches and websites.

But, on occasion we’ve signed up, we’ve tested and we’ve evaluated and mostly been disappointed. Rather than getting what was promised, it seems like the focus of many of these sites is to get your email address over and over again to sign you up for other companies’ mailing lists.

But our test of Swagbucks proved to us that they are a legitimate site, they are different from other scammy sites, and it’s a difference we like . . . a lot!

Swagbucks is the 164th most visited website in the U.S; the 660th most visited on the planet, and is constantly moving up in the rankings. Talk about popularity! Swagbucks is legit. But beyond popularity is the fact that you can regularly earn gift cards and other rewards with regularity.

Basically you earn Swagbucks (SB) by doing various activities on their website.

Here's how we earn Swagbucks (and these aren't all of the options they offer).

The Swagbucks menu with options for earning sb

1) Searching: Making Swagbucks your default search engine (they use results) can earn you 20 SB the first day, but using it on a daily basis can earn you between 5 and 32 SB several times each day . . . just for searching.

2) Videos: There are dozens of videos you can watch on the Watch button of Swagbucks site – many are commercials, or movie previews, but others are series of things like: current events; news, politics; fashion; cooking and many more. You can earn about 5 SB for watching 30 minutes of videos. Several blogger friends say that they let the Swagbucks videos run on a nearby laptop or tablet while doing other tasks like ironing, preparing a meal or sewing.

3) Shopping: You can earn lots of SB if you shop with their “partners.” Stores like Walmart, Old Navy, Kohls and Home Depot or websites like Read More...

Black crockpot that saves you $3400.

5 Kitchen Tools That Will Save $6000 #3: The $3400 Crockpot

This is the third of a 5-part Kitchen Tools series that will empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

What’s at stake? When it comes to feeding a family, there is a lot of money at stake. The average family is spending $200 per person each month on groceries. That means that a family of four will spend nearly $10,000 on food this year!

Kitchen Tool Series #2 Save $6000

This is no Crock: You probably own one of these, but perhaps you haven’t ever calculated how much time and money it could really save you.

Slow it Down: The humble a slow cooker can be a busy mom’s best friend. If the average family of four eats out two times per week, spending $10.00 per person each time, that’s $80.00 per week, times 50 weeks:

$4000 per year!

But if you invest $20 and use your slow cooker instead, the savings will add up quickly.

How would you feel if you knew dinner would be ready and waiting for you tonight? If you put a meal in the slow cooker in the morning (meals like BBQ chicken, sweet & sour pork chops, soup or beef stew are all easy options); you’d have dinner waiting for you when you got home. Wow, talk about stress reduction and money-savings!

Savings: Ingredients for a Slo-Cooker meal that costs about $6, times two meals would cost you $12 per week. Do that every week for a year and you’ll spend about $600. 

Dinners Out $4000 per year


Slo-Cookin’ at home $600 per year =

Savings in the Bank of $3400.00 each year.

Even if you decided to eat out once a month (which is a great idea - especially if you use a Restaurant Deal from Groupon or an Entertainment Book  coupon) you’d still save close to $3000. What kind of family vacation could you take just because you were Slo-Cookin’ at home?


Here's a list of Amazon's 20 Best Selling Slow Cookers which range in price from about $16 to $60—super affordable.

Watch for next Wednesday’s blog where we’ll talk about a sharp little tool that could save you $550 in the next 12 months. 

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Lactose Intolerance: Costco Kirkland Lactase versus Lactaid - how we save 63%

Intolerant of Overprice Lactose Intolerance

If you’re lactose intolerant, finding a solution to enjoying dairy is not an easy or inexpensive project.

Trying to eliminate bad gas: 

Steve has tried dozens of enzymes, home remedies and Lactaid knock-offs in a search to allow him to eat yogurt, ice cream and other dairy products without intestinal “repercussions.”

He tried apple cider vinegar – 1 tablespoon 20 minutes before eating dairy – it worked fairly well, was inexpensive, but very inconvenient—and it burned.

We tried various digestive enzymes (he found that this Nature's Secret formula worked the best for him), which helped well with digesting heavy or fatty foods but were only marginally effective with dairy products.

Then we tried Lactaid – 3 little pills right before eating dairy and voila – no pain or issues. Except for the cost — about $12 for 120 capsules (only 10 cents per pill / 30 cents per serving).

Trying to save money:

We also tried Walmart’s private labeled version that costs around $6 for 60 capsules (also 10 cents per pill / 30 cents per serving) and they worked as well as the real Lactaid. This really didn't save anything, but the cost per package was less.

As Steve dug a little deeper he read that the amount of lactase in each pill was 3000 iu per pill. But the recommended serving size was 3 pills or 9000 iu per serving.

Digging Deeper:

Doing a little sleuthing Steve found that Costco sells a Kirkland brand of Lactase pill (but you can't buy it online - only in the store and often it is "out of stock.") Their box holds 180 capsules for about $20 / 11.1 cents per pill, and appears to be a little more expensive.

But wait, the devil is in the details . . .
and boy were the details interesting!

Huge 63% Savings: 

Reading the nutritional information Steve discovered that a serving size of the Costco lactase pills was only ONE pill.


Because each pill contains 9000 iu of lactase!

Bottom line the cost per serving of the Costco/Kirkland product is 11 cents versus 30 cents for the Read More...

baby hand counting fingers, too expensive to have kids

Kids are too Expensive - We're gonna Wait!

Question: When I graduated from high school, I paid for my own auto insurance, graduation gown and class ring. My grandmother paid for my class picture. My graduation gift from my parents was a cell phone with a very limited plan because it was on my dad's two year contact. After that I got my own cell phone contract.

My husband and I just got married a few months ago, we heard on the news that to raise a child from birth to 18 will cost you 240,000! We are thinking twice about having a child. We both work, and are trying to manage our bills and we still have a mortgage to pay-off.

What do you think we should do?


Answer:  Kerri,

Thanks for sharing your story. Your parents sound like they were very smart when it came to teaching you financial responsibility.
They taught you to be independent financially, and that’s always a good thing.

We know the government says it will cost more than $200,000 to raise a child, but we found their numbers to be UNTRUE.

We raised 5 kids and spent 75% less than what the government "experts" estimated. Raising children doesn’t need to be that expensive. Especially if parents have the mindset that they want the money they do spend on their children to be used as a tool to train them to live as MoneySmart adults (not as indulged, financially dependent children).

We wrote about this in our book, “The MoneySmart Family System – Teaching Financial Independence to Children of Every Age.” The whole point of the book is to help parents understand that giving children money and buying them things is NOT the best way to train them to be independent.

Helping kids to start paying their way and to allow them to struggle a little to figure things out is the best way to build financial strength.

You're on the right track.

Keep working.

Keep paying off your mortgage, but don’t be afraid to talk about having children – they are an awesome investment, legacy and joy in life!!!

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5 Kitchen Tools That Will Save $6000 #2: Pack It Up

Lunch Values

This is the second of a 5 Kitchen Tools series that will empower you to save thousands of dollars on your food budget.

What’s at stake? When it comes to feeding a family, there is a lot of money at stake. The average family is spending $200 per person each month on groceries. That means that a family of four will spend nearly $10,000 on food this year!

Kitchen Tool Series #2 Save $6000

Here's our second grocery "tool" that will save you lots of money, year after year.

Pack it Up: Some people call them “leftovers,” we choose to look at them as pre-cooked meals and money in the bank. If you invest in a $10 set of Pyrex bowls with lids you could save enough money to start a college savings account for your kids! Having a set of 3 small glass bowls will allow you to pack up left-overs after dinner and take them for lunch the next day. If you can’t bring yourself to eat the same food two days in a row, freeze the meal in the bowl and bring it a couple of days later. Steve did this almost every day for 20 years and we saved more than $30,000. And Annette had lots of recipe requests for the delicious smelling meals.

Savings: If the average lunch costs about $7, bringing a meal to work three times each week would save you $1000 every year. That would be a nice addition to any college savings account.

Watch for next week’s Wednesday blog where we’ll talk about a hot little tool that could save you $3400 in the next 12 months. 

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