Ralph Moody (1898 – 1982)

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Little Britches Series
Ralph Moody

We love the series that started with the book "LIttle Britches." Our family is in the midst of reading this set of 8 books as we write this issue. The series is excellently written and is about life in the early 1900’s. Ralph Moody is the main character and author. As a young boy growing up in Littleton, Colorado, he learned to work on the family farm and ride horses. His father died when he was 10 years-old. The story traces the family’s struggle to survive. Fortunately, Ralph and his siblings, under the watchful eye of their mother, are up to the task of working. And they find many creative ways to provide for the family.

Subsequent books in the series follow Ralph on many adventures, such as, a summer at a cattle ranch, years working on his grandfather’s farm in Maine, and his travels back to the west. Many of his adventures revolve around horses, ranching and farming. Our kids always want to hear, “just one more chapter,” before we leave the dinner table.

Ralph Moody started his writing career when he was 50 years old. His goal was to leave a record of the rural way of life and the values of that era which had a profound influence on his life.

While the Little Britches series is still available in many bookstores, we’ve been collecting ours, one book at a time on eBay.com and Half.com. There is a boxed set that includes all of the titles, but it's getting harder and harder to find.

The eight books in the Little Britches Series are:

  • Little Britches
  • Man of the Family
  • The Home Ranch
  • Mary Emma and Company
  • The Fields of Home
  • Shaking the Nickel Bush
  • The Dry Divide
  • Horse of a Different Color

Other books by Moody include: