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Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half

Author: Annette Economides, Steve Economides

Join thousands of other families who are saving on Groceries every week!

This book is guaranteed to save you money and it includes so many innovative strategies you won't have to clip coupons to cut your grocery bill in half!

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Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half
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More about the book:

If you apply just a few of the ideas we present, you'll save thousands each year. And the truth is thousands of people already have!

Imagine grocery shopping once-a-week or less, eating healthier, and having more free time—all while saving money. Sound too good to be true? For the Economides family, it’s a reality, and it can beyours too.

What could the average family do with an extra $3,000 a year? America’s Cheapest Family shows you how to use strategies, tips, tools, and tricks in Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half, so you too can achieve huge savings year after year. It’s a fact, the Economides say, saving money on groceries is one of the quickest ways to start making a positive difference in your family’s financial future.

And these tips and strategies can work whether you’re shopping for seven or for one. 

  • Spend less time shopping and cooking
  • Get more bang for your organic buck
  • Plan meals for picky eaters and busy schedules
  • Discover kitchen tools that simplify and streamline meal preparations
  • Learn many ways to eat out or eat in and save big
  • Turn your freezer into a money-making machine 


We shot several short videos to give you tips on how to save money at the grocery store.

Intro Video: How we live life and save money

Tip 1: Why we use walkie talkies

 Tip 2: Read Grocery Shelf Tags to Save Time and Money

Tip 3: Save Money with Seasonal Produce

Tip 4: Save money by purchasing produce by the unit not by the pound

Tip 5: Look High and Low for Deals


FREE Online Resources

Please enjoy and use a free copy of these resources that we've developed to help us cut our grocery bill in half


This is really cool. We sent several advanced copies of our new book to a bunch of our frugal friends to see what they thought. Usually when frugal people read a new book on frugality, they'll say something like, "This book is a good beginners manual, but I didn't really learn anything new." But, that's not what we heard. We asked these people to be gut level honest with us. Take a look and see what they said:

"Many people think that it's impossible to reduce your grocery bill by 50%. But you can. Steve and Annette Economides provide step-by-step instructions in "Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half." Tools that are practical and easy to follow. No special shopping or cooking skills required. Anyone can see a surprising reduction in their grocery budget if they follow the Economides' methods. And, best of all, the savings begin right away. You don't need to finish the whole book to benefit. You'll find money-saving ideas that you can put to use in the first chapter, and every chapter thereafter. Normally I advise people to check books out of the library and save the cost of the book. But this is one do-it-yourself guide to lower grocery bills that you'll want to have on your bookshelf or kitchen countertop."

Gary Foreman
The Dollar

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"This book is loaded with fresh ideas to slash your grocery bills."

Richard Eisenberg, Senior Editor, CBS

 “If you are eager to save on groceries, but don't always have the time to clip coupons, this book is for you! It’s perfect if you're interested in more ways to cut costs, reduce waste, and get organized. This is an awesome book for the novice or the skilled cook.”

Tawra Kellam and Jill Cooper—editors of and authors of “Dining On A Dime Cookbook”


Jeff Jones, Big Daddy Weave with Annette and Becky

"An amazing insight into the life of a family that is daily living out this book. Following these grocery concepts will not only make a difference in your family's budget, but it will also help you unite with a common goal in mind; spending your money with a purpose by following a plan. The end result is having more money every month to invest in your family's future."

Jeff Jones, Drummer—Big Daddy Weave and founder of

“Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half” is must-read if you’re serious about saving money at the supermarket. Steve and Annette detail step-by-step how to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on your food shopping. The book is not a compilation of abstract theories on grocery shopping, but strategies and tactics that work in the real lives of busy families. You’ll not only save money but save time and stress, too.”
Gregory Karp, author of “Living Rich by Spending Smart

“From the basics of couponing to many other advanced strategies, the Economides prove why they are the King and Queen of cheap! Beginners, intermediates, and even experts will find insightful strategies that will help them SAVE MONEY. More than a great read, this book is a resource I will keep coming back to over and over.”
Ashley Nuzzo—Founder of

“Shopping for and feeding three boys (four if you count my husband) can be a full-time job and eat-up my whole pay check. But, thanks to Cut Your Grocery Bills in Half, I’ve discovered practical, simple strategies to save precious time and money and keep my ALWAYS hungry boys’ tummy’s filled.” 

Jean Blackmer, author of “Boy-sterous Living” and publishing manager for MOPS International

“I've known Steve and Annette for several years and they definitely live what they believe. If you're serious about spending less money at the grocery store, this book offers some practical ways to achieve your goal. When it comes to stretching your dollar, I know of no one with more experience than Steve and Annette.”
JJ Heller—Singer/Songwriter

Hi Steve & Annette!  I received your new book "Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half"  this past week.  I'm only in chapter 3 and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  I've already planned out the week's menu and done a complete inventory.  I'm one of those that went to the grocery store every day and didn't know what I was making until around 4:45 pm.  I've been spending around $400 - $500 per month for just me and my husband (CRAZY!).  I look forward to implementing your tips little by little so I don't overwhelm myself! Thanks for such a great book!






trying to see how much stretch i can get in those dollars...


its just the two of us, but  it still seems like money goes pretty fast, especially with both of us disabled.  I picked up two of your books  at a local bookstore (with a coupon) after seeing a reference on Pinterest.  I am only part way through them, but  they seem very useful so far!
Perhaps more importantly, my husband (the cook) likes them, since he is the "i like doing it this way, we have always done it this way, why should i change anything" guy....


one thing i found  helpful to us (probably not as much with a big family) is that hubby  would cook WAY too much of something (and then eat it all) because he grew up in a big family of big eaters... so if pasta came in a 1 pound box? it was a struggle to get him to make anything less than a pound. 

by re packing our sale pasta into mason jars, and then using the vaccuum sealer to air seal those jars to keep bugs out, i could stock up with no worry, PLUS i could pre portion them into two people servings....


i also learned to pressure can. we have lost tooo much food from freezer failures/power outages/etc for me to ever trust a freezer again, and by canning our chicken, ground beef, meatballs in sauce, chicken stock, and leftover crock pot  soups.... i can keepp them shelf stable for up to a year. PLUS i can things in "meal sizes" so we dont end up throwing food out, or over eating.

Smart Planning

Knowing yourself and your habits and prepackaging to avoid overeating and wasting food are smart steps that will save you tons of money. Excellent advice!

Finally someone with the same size family as mine....


I found your book on Amazon and bought it. I have been looking for something that would help my family. I have 5 children..4 boys and 1 girl... needless to say trying to keep everyone fed on a $120 a week budget has been tricky. Thanks to your book, I have been able to make changes in how I shop and I have been able to get more for my budget!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!

Glad to hear that you're finding ways to feed your family for less. It only gets better as you master new skills and find new resources and outlets for saving money. It's contagious! Keep leading the way! Steve & Annette

Your newest fan!


I bought your book through Amazon a few days ago, got it today and I've already read 3 chapters!  I've made a list of meals for meal planning by the month for hubby and I, as well as wiping the dust off my coupon binder.  I'm excited to start $aving as I'm a totally disabled retired Navy vet and hubby retired recently as well.  I thought I had read everything on saving money on groceries, but you've opened my eyes to several things.  Thank you both for the time and hard work you invested to help others.  May God bless you all!

The Savings will Pile Up!

Starlett – you are an inspiration to us. Thank you for your service to protect our freedoms.

It’s never too late to learn new habits and as you practice your new skills and perfect them you’ll see your savings increase! Keep going and never look back. 

I LOVE your book


I just finished reading your book (I picked it up at our local library).  I found SOO many good ideas that I just don't know where to start.  Thanks again for all the ideas.

Organic and Healthy Foods


I spend about $200 a week for my family of 3 in Canada. There is no way you can eat organic for $350 a month. Some other good tips are going directly to the farm and buiyng a whole cow it averages out to $5.50 lb on any cut. I also volunteer for my raw milk, barter and grow a lot of our own food too. We buy everything in bulk. Be cheap on your food now and pay later in health issues. Some things you can't compromise on.

Thank you!


Absolutely love this book. I'm shopping for 2 and we spend what I thought was an obscene amount on groceries and with some guidance we're getting on track.  I started with planning meals a week at a time and its amazing how much more enjoyable dinner time is around our house with no stress about what to cook. As a result we're enjoying more dinners at home, together instead of debating over a meal, giving up, and going out.