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Book Reviews

We believe that reading makes us smarter, and being smarter leads to saving tons of money! We review old and new books, classic games and even some music. We also review books for pre-readers and teens. Each book review links to an online bookstore where you can find used and new copies — we usually buy used books to stretch our budget.

Read, learn and save a boodle!

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  • Shoeless Joe and Me

    This book is part of a series about a kid who has a special ability to touch an old baseball card and travel back in time to meet that particular player. The books in this series accurately profile the player and the time period in which they...

  • Sky High – Comedy

    Staring Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston

    When 2 superhero parents produce a son with
    no apparent superpowers, it can be devastating. But as their son, Will, attends
    superhero high school the adventure begins and doesn’t stop....

  • Sleigh Bell Swing

    If you love swing, you’ll love this album. An instrumental that is completely upbeat, this is perfect for your holiday music selection. Great music for parties or anytime you want happy music. We really love this album.

  • mysteries, vacation, elizabeth levy

    This is a fun book to read especially if you’re planning a vacation to the beach. Gwen and Jill are best friends and love to hang out together. They take a trip to the beach with Gwen’s dog,...

  • Sorry

    Parker Brothers Classic from England in the 1930 –
    this game is fast paced with lots of twists and turns. Great for little kids,
    there are no sixes and nines to mix up and the person that looks like their
    going to win may soon...

  • Squanto — Friend of the Pilgrims

    This is an excellent chronicle of the life of Squanto, an American Indian who is used by God to save the lives of the pilgrims. This compelling account will be hard to put down. Only 112 pages, it is perfect for reading the week prior to...

  • Square Foot Gardening, mel bartholomew, mel's mix, gardening, grow your own food

    This book got us questioning the concept of long rows of plants, over planting and thinning.

  • Stocking Up

    This is a wonderful guide that teaches you the process for selecting, harvesting, freezing, canning and drying, fruits and vegetables. Other sections cover making butter and yogurt as well as butchering your own meat and smoking it. Finally they...

  • This is a delightful book about a boy, Willie, and his dad, Joe Potts who is a fisherman. They live in an old house that is built on a sand dune. It backs up to a swamp and has the beach just outside their front door. They work and enjoy life all...

  • Table Talk

    From the authors who brought us Once-a-Month Cooking...

  • Taboo

    This is a group guessing game where each person from each team has a chance to get their team to guess certain words. The catch is not to use any of the taboo words on the card...

  • The Average Family's Guide To Financial Freedom

    Okay, so the title just doesn’t grab you (it didn't grab us either), we mean, who sets out to be average? An average family has piles of debt, loads of things they've purchased but don't need and spends way too much on their children.

  • The Berenstain Bears’ Christmas Tree

    This is a delightful story about two of the meanings of Christmas — giving to others and valuing them. The Bear family starts out thinking that the biggest tree and the most decorations will make them happiest at Christmas time. They learn a...

  • The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

    The angel cries out, “Hey everybody, unto you a child is born!” It may be “unorthodox” but is it touching as you read or watch the transformation of bullying street urchins into sensitive, tearful little children.

  • The Black Stallion Series

    Alec Ramsey is on-board a ship bound for home after visiting his Uncle in Africa.

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