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Kids & Money

Teaching your kids to manage their own money is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them.

Unless they learn responsible money management at home—they just won't learn them. Grade schools and high schools aren't teaching thrifty money management skills, and they definitely won't learn it in college (where student loans are the norm). So if you want your kids to learn to handle money wisely, you've got to teach them. But don't worry, we've created and fine-tuned a workable and flexible system for you to use with your kids. It's something that's worked well for our family for more than 15 years and it will work for you too!

Kids & Money Book
that's revolutionizing parenting

It's called

The MoneySmart Family System:
Teaching financial independence to children of EVERY age

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The MoneySmart Kids 
Financial Training Kit Money Smart Kids Financial Training Kit - MoneySmart Kids

A great system to train kids of any age 
to be financially independent


Teaching Kids About Money
Isn't Kids' Stuff

Teaching Kids About Money Isn't Kids' Stuff Audio Seminar 
Audio Seminar

(CD Kit—Mailable or MP3—Instantly Downloadable formats)

This is a kid tested money management system that works! Since 1995 our kids and hundreds of others have been the "test market" for this system. (Watch a video about it at the bottom of this page). In the video they mention one of our kids having more than $22,000 in the bank . . . she has more now!

This system teaches basic money management skills while encouraging good attitudes about chores and school. Younger kids divide their earnings into three different envelopes for: Giving, Saving and Spending.

Abbey Economides - is a money smart kidWe teach the older kids to use a portion of their "earnings" to purchase their own clothes and eventually other things like: summer camps, sports and auto insurance.

Giving them their own money to manage, completely eliminates the "gimmes" for $100 sneakers and other things that kids typically "hit-up" their parents for. The system is flexible enough to be tailored to the specific habits that you want to reinforce with your kids.

Abbey (above), at age 9, loved to save, give and, of course, spend the money she earned. She's now almost 18 years old and still using the money management skills we taught her. Her new goal—going to college without student loans . . . and she's well on her way!


In this live, 90 minute recording, you'll not only learn how we developed and implemented our kids and money training system, but you'll even hear from four of our five kids as the audience peppers them with questions.

This is a perfect companion to the MoneySmart Kids Financial Training Kit.

Topics covered include:

  • How young can you start teaching your kids to handle money?
  • An approach to chores that develops a strong work ethic.
  • Teaching kids to make smart purchases
  • Teaching kids to budget
  • How to deal with hi-tech gizmos and their cost
  • How to make allowance more like the real world.
  • Character building activities that can land college scholarships.
  • Preparing kids to leave the nest
  • Audience questions answered by the Economides kids.

Audio excerpts

The MoneySmart Kids kit includes:

  • 3 indestructable envelopes with printed ledgers
  • MoneySmart Kids Overview and Instructions
  • Point Chart / Time Card
  • "Copyable" Ledger cover
  • Sample Chore list (one we used for our kids)

The Mailable CD-Kit includes:

  • 2 CDs (90 minutes total run time)Teaching Kids About Money Isn't Kids Stuff - Steve Economides / Annette Economides America's Cheapest Family
  • Seminar outline and notes booklet  

The MP3 Downloadable Kit includes:

  • In this downloadable audio seminar kit you will receive:

    • 90 minute .mp3 file of the seminar audio.
    • Seminar outline and notes booklet
    • .pdf sample Chore Chart
    • .pdf Envelope Ledger (for kids' money envelopes)
    • .pdf Wish List
    • .doc Wish List (can be personalized)
    • .pdf Time Card
    • .doc Time Card (can be personalized for your fa mily)

MoneySmart Kids Kit Cost:


Teaching Kids About Money 
Audio Seminar Kit Cost:

For younger kids

The MoneySmart Kids Kit and envelopes are suitable for children ages 8 and up. Younger kids can participate in the program, but we recommend using a 3-part bank rather than envelopes with a ledger system on them. 

We used a 3-compartment bank with our younger kids. Try one of these 3-part banks with kids eight years old and younger.

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Economides Kids and their money

This is a great video about our kids and money system—you'll get to hear our kids talk about their goals and what they've bought with their own money.

This interview was aired on our local
ABC affiliate in Phoenix.































































For the past year, we've been asking parents around the world what they've been doing to teach their kids to manage money. Here are some of the responses:

Traci wrote: My kids have watched me coupon and budget our money every day they have been on this earth. I have happily been frugal with our money forever. For me the "How little can I spend to  feed my family a healthy, well balanced and natural diet" is a game I play with vigor!  My 14 year old is getting his first job this summer, and he has  asked me how to best manage his money that he earns so that it will "do the  most for him".... ahhhhh, the sweet smell of success!!!  (It smells almost as  good as from scratch pancakes and homemade syrup!)


Is it too late to start

I have seen many of your videos and what you present in teaching kids about money is fantastic. I am guilty of being a parent who gives things to their kids and have even gone without so that my child wouldn't. I would love for my son to have money smarts before he is on his own in this world. He just turned 12. He hasn't been required to do chores, received and allowance or anything of the kind. Is it too late for me to start trying to teach him to earn, manage and understand money and spending with your system? I kick myself for not doing it sooner but hope that I still have time. Thanks!

It's never too late!

It’s never too late to start and actually, 12 years old is the perfect time. There will be a period of adjustment as you institute a new structure and requirements, but your son will respond with enthusiasm as he discovers the power of earning, saving and reaching his spending goals.

Don’t kid yourself though, it won’t be easy—success in training kids to be financially astute relies on parents’ who take a consistent and disciplined approach to this issue. If you’re inconsistent, your son will be also. Give him reasonable chores to do with a well-communicated, fair pay scale. He will handle the responsibility well and will love the fact that he’s moving toward being financially independent.

You're on a great journey - keep leading the way for your son! If you need more encouragement get a copy of The MoneySmart Family Systemit outlines exactly how we trained our kids to be financially independent.

Kids Savings vs. Spending

Is this information in the moneysmart family system book? I am curious what my kids should be "saving" for at 5 & 6 yrs old. I have recently come across your book that my sister gave me and I have used a lot from the book and it has really helped me turn our finances around and be excited for the future. We have tried to do the Dave Ramsey stuff for many years, now the combination of both and me working on it more and praying about it, it has finally clicked and it's going to work. Now to get the kids going in the same direction with their money. Which they always seem to have WAY too much due to grandparents who give them too much $!





Toni, Yes in the savings chapter we outline what kids should save for at different ages.


Quick question: Are younger kids (under 9) suppose to use their savings category to save up for something personal such as a video game or should this come from their spending category? If from spending, what is the savings category used for? Thanks in advance!

Kids Savings

We'll cover all of this in our next book about Kids & Money - scheduled for release in Sept 2012. But the short answer is that they use their save for a number of things. One of which can be for short term goals like sports equipment or games. It's teaching them that saving a little money each week really adds up.

Digital version of these files?

I was wondering if you would consider offering the files for purchase without the envelopes?  Thank you for your consideration ~ Kristi

Money Smart Kids Forms

If you are a website subscriber ($20 per year) you'll have access to all of our downloadable forms (over 20 different ones), including all of the forms (except the chore list) from the MoneySmart Kids packet.

Issue with download of the kids audio seminar

I was listening to the kids seminar audio download and at about 25 minutes left it just stops and starts all over. I have tried to put it back to the part but then when it gets to the same part it does it again  how do I get this fixed. I would really like to listen to the end. 



Please Re download

Hi, we checked the file and played it - it ran fine all the way through. I think what happened in your case is that somehow the download of the file to your computer was interrupted and you didn't actually download the entire file, which is why it starts over again at 25 minutes. Give it a try and let us know what you think.

other downloadables

i too am a site member but cannot find the payroll sheet and other downloads.  can you help?  thanks, b.

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Ledger form link

We are website subscribers, but the link does not work for the ledger form, it links to a subscriber page. We can access the time card forms and the articles, etc. Can you point us to a different link for this? Thank you.


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Truly an educative system of

Truly an educative system of teaching. This would surely encourage a lot of kids to be wiser on spending their money in a practical manner. Thumbs up :)