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Vicky and Jen are two friends, two everyday moms looking for ways to improve life for all of us. Listen to What Really Matters!

#81 Title:

Everyday Frugal Living

Special Guest: Annette and Steve Economides, America's Cheapest Family


You can start saving money right now! Annette and Steve Economides, a.k.a. America’s Cheapest Family, help people find ways to live within their means, avoid debt and achieve goals. Listen in and learn how these 4 things, research, creativity, planning and waiting, can make a huge difference in your finances.

Duration: 52:37
Podcast Index:

00:48 Introduction: Everyday Frugal Living
01:47 Meet Annette and Steve
06:35 Are You REALLY Frugal?
10:56 Key Principles for Saving Money
13:03 Do You Feel Deprived?
15:51 Planning is Essential
18:15 Budget Isn't a 4-Letter Word
22:11 This Sounds Like A Lot of Work
23:38 Grocery Money-Savers
28:07 Listener: Cleaning Products
34:25 Listener: Money Burns a Hole in My Pocket
39:13 Money Smart Kids
47:14 Have Frugal Fun!
50:21 Closing Comments
51:02 Closing Track: Donal Hinely

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