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After an article entitled "The Frugals" ran in People Magazine (December 2008), we were contacted by a producer from the Today show.

They wanted to see how America's Cheapest Family lived and specifically how we shopped for Christmas presents. Honestly, we don't just go out on one day and shop for presents. We start our Christmas shopping in January and are always looking for discounts and deals on items that our family members would enjoy. Some time in October Annette takes an inventory of what we have collected for friends and family and we make a final "hit" list of things we need to buy before Christmas.

We took Meeghan Rady (Today Show Field Producer) and the camera crew to a couple of our favorite thrift and consignment stores and racked up some huge bargains -  27 items for less than $90.

It was funny to see the edited video when we were sitting on the set of the Today Show. Abbey got to see one of her Christmas presents (before Christmas) — we all laughed.

The biggest message we wanted to communicate is that gifts don't need to be expensive, abundant or even new to say "I love you." Our consumer culture has grown to equated quantity and expense with love and it's just not true. It's time to step back and evaluate what is really important — family, friends and sharing life with them.

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After the interview, behind the Today Show set with Ann Curry and Al Roker


Meeghan Rady
With Meeghan in our living room - all decorated for Christmas.
Today Show crew in front of A Second Look Consignment Store
Today Show crew (Paul - sound, Jim Farrell - crew west on the camera and Meeghan) in front of A Second Look Consignment Store (if you've never been there, you've got to visit it. It's one of our favorite places to get a bargain)



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12/18/2008 3:33 PM   Ruben wrote:              
"America's Cheapest Family and The HomeEconomiser Newsletter are dedicated to encouraging you to find creative ways to live within your means, avoid debt with a smile, and achieve goals you never dreamed possible".
Aren't dreams and goals things that are supposed to move you higher in life?, so how can you get stuck on a budget that is higher every year? 26 years ago $46,000 was a lot of money, but now is nothing. It means that you are not moving forward, instead you are going backwards. I based my comment in all what I read from you on the internet. If I'm wrong accept my apologies.

1/9/2009 1:13 PM America's Cheapest Family wrote:
Dear Ruben,
Dreams and goals aren’t always about money and moving into a higher socioeconomic status.  For many people, learning to live on a set budget, living a simpler lifestyle and being debt free are very freeing and gratifying.  That, in our opinion is not moving backward.  

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