UPN 45 TV - Wake UP with Kari Lake

Back to School, Christmas, Teaching Kids about Money and a little about Grocery Shopping

Kari Lake was raised in a large family in the mid-west. One of 9 siblings, she learned to be thrifty from a young age, but that didn't keep her from being embarrassed by her dad's beat up pick-up truck. She usually asked him to drop Annette, Kari Lake, Steve Economidesher off a couple blocks from school so none of the kids saw her getting out of it.

We had a great time on and off the set talking with Kari. We surprised her by pulling out a couple of bright red Santa hats for our segment on Christmas. We brought one for her to wear, but she declined. Part way through the holiday segment, Kari turned the conversation to grocery shopping. Annette was really disappointed, she thought that she might get through one interview without discussing grocery strategies. So, she quickly listed a couple of ideas and then said, "But I really want to talk about Christmas, can we go back to that?" She had about 45 seconds to talk about the value of Media Mail for shipping out of town packages — $1.59 for the first pound. Of course there are restrictions on what can be shipped, but CD's, DVD's, Books, Magazines, Sheet music all fit within this category.

One of the key points that came from this interview was the value of planning. Just spending 10 to 20 minutes each day looking ahead and planning meals, errands, phone calls, the weekly schedule can save hours each week and loads of money too.

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