Your World with Neil Cavuto

Neil Cavuto was named anchor and managing editor of business news for the FOX News Channel in July 1996. We aren’t economists or business experts, but Neil wanted to talk to us

about our frugal lifestyle and how others in America might benefit from some of the things we do.
We were excited to have the opportunity to address his audience and give hope and encouragement to America. 

One strange thing did occur near the end of the interview. Steve mentioned getting deals on eBay for plumbing fixtures and doing work around the house. Annette said something about how American's can beat this economic crisis if we learn to work. Neils closing comments was, "I just hope we don't have to get handy doing it."

Unfortunately we've heard this kind of statement several times — usually from some media personality who lives in New York City. No offense Neil, but life in NYC is NOT like life everywhere else. People in other parts of the country, who don't have six-figure incomes, need to repair their own plumbing, wash their own clothes, clean their own toilets and cook their own meals. This is real life! And when we start to live real life with other people, helping and encouraging them that they can make it, that's when America and the rest of the world will recover.

Just a thought; but didn't much of this financial crisis start with people in NYC - particularly those on Wall Street?

Maybe . . . just Maybe, if they left their Ivory Towers in NYC and were sent to live in Iowa or Nebraska or Texas and had to work with their hands for a few months, things in the news, investment and banking worlds would change.

If you want to watch a great comedy movie that shows what would happen to these people if they actually did learn to work with their hands watch For Richer or Poorer

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