Time—Q&A: America's Cheapest Family Reveals How to 'Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half'

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Steve and Annette Economides have five kids and a monthly food bill that totals a mere $350. How do they do it? Among other things, through lots and lots of planning, strategic buying in bulk, utilization of their freezer, pantry, and Ziploc bags, and the occasional purchase of something called a chub.

The Economides, known as America's Cheapest Family, have a new book out called  Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. They answer my questions on smart grocery shopping techniques and economical cooking below.

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The Fiscal Times—Success with Saving from America’s Cheapest Family

The Fiscal Times

Gotta have that new iPhone or that pair of Manolos?  Just make sure you’re not digging a deeper hole filled with debt. Welcome to the world of fiscal sanity and responsibility. Steve and Annette Economides of Scottsdale, Arizona — yes, that’s their real name — have a simple mantra: plan. Plan ahead. Plan everything — food, housing, clothing, entertainment, travel, even birthday parties. Create a budget and stick to it, —especially in this tough economy.

The Fiscal Times

Today.MSN.com—America’s ‘cheapest family’ answers your questions

The Economides of Arizona, self-proclaimed “cheapest family” in America, appeared on TODAY Sept. 29-Oct. 1 and revealed their strategies for saving money in tough times without sacrificing quality of life. Questions from viewers poured in, and here the Economides respond with more tips and advice:


The Garage Sale Gal

Lynda Hammond is a former TV news anchor who has left the media rat race in search of treasure in the garages of America. She has adopted the name Garage Sale Gal and spends her time touting the deals and steals you can find if you know how to search. She's also developed a nationwide web site to list your garage sale. Visit

GarageSaleGal.com to learn more. Or get a copy of her book here:


Grocery Shopping For the Frugal Family

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“I go in as if I’m going in for a military strike,” Annette says of her monthly grocery run, in a phone interview from her suburban Arizona home. “[The] planning and executing takes less time than the four times a week that most families spend at the grocery in the one time.”


Spending Smart - Clothes That Fit the Budget

Greg Karp

Clothing is a necessity, but spending a lot of money on it isn't.

Apparel expenses are low-hanging fruit to cut spending from a household budget. It's easy to save, look great and still wear name brands, if you know how.

A family of four spends an average of $2,850 a year on apparel and apparel services, according to the federal government's Consumer Expenditure Survey for 2005. That's nearly $240 a month. So it is an expense worth addressing.

Spending Smart

Budgeting Tips from America's Cheapest Family

Just about anybody can (and does) write about saving money. Browse the bookstore shelves and you'll find countless volumes with quick tips on turning the middle class into millionaires. I've read a great deal of them and haven't seen any like the one written by the self-proclaimed "America's Cheapest Family."

Steve and Annette Economides (yes, that's their real last name) aren't Wall Street wizards or economics gurus. They're parents of five children and they work hard for their money and want to get the most for it.

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