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The Today Show—Getting Back on Budget

The Today Show—Getting Back on Budget

Steve, Annette, Becky and Abbey Economides appearing on NBC's Today Show sharing how our budgeting system has enabled us to accomplish some remarkable things in the past 28 years. We'll also be sharing loads of money saving tips for your entire house.

The Today Show

AARP Bulletin - Do You Save Money Shopping at a Warehouse Club?

aarp bulletin

Do warehouse clubs really save you money. That was the question posed to us by Cynthia Ramnarace, a free-lance writer for the AARP Bulletin website.

AARP Bulletin
12/09/2010—ACF Tips to Save

my northwest .com

The family that proudly carries the name "America's Cheapest Family" says that if you need to save some money for the holidays take a look at your grocery list.

Lexington Herald Leader—Tighten the belt in 2010

Lexington Herald Leader

For the next several weeks, Tightening the Belt will offer ways to spend smarter on food, and it's worth doing. The average American family of four spends $9,172 on food each year, according to the federal government's Consumer Expenditure Survey. Cutting that total by just 20 percent saves you more than $1,800.

Lexington Herald Leader
11/08/2010—Mistakes with coupons can clip into savings

Coupon use has made a comeback in the recession. Some tips to make sure you're using them wisely.

By KARA McGUIRE, Star Tribune

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Northwest Times—'America's Cheapest Family' offers tips to cutting grocery bills in half times northwest times

By Jane Ammeson — Times Correspondent

I used to make fun of my brother because he would rinse out empty bread bags – you know the ones that presliced bread come in – and then use them as lunch bags. That was when the word cheap was a derogatory term.

Northwest Times Newspaper

Time—Q&A: America's Cheapest Family Reveals How to 'Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half'

time magazine

Steve and Annette Economides have five kids and a monthly food bill that totals a mere $350. How do they do it? Among other things, through lots and lots of planning, strategic buying in bulk, utilization of their freezer, pantry, and Ziploc bags, and the occasional purchase of something called a chub.

The Economides, known as America's Cheapest Family, have a new book out called  Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half. They answer my questions on smart grocery shopping techniques and economical cooking below.

Time Magazine

The Fiscal Times—Success with Saving from America’s Cheapest Family

The Fiscal Times

Gotta have that new iPhone or that pair of Manolos?  Just make sure you’re not digging a deeper hole filled with debt. Welcome to the world of fiscal sanity and responsibility. Steve and Annette Economides of Scottsdale, Arizona — yes, that’s their real name — have a simple mantra: plan. Plan ahead. Plan everything — food, housing, clothing, entertainment, travel, even birthday parties. Create a budget and stick to it, —especially in this tough economy.

The Fiscal Times

Birmingham News—America's cheapest family offers tips for trips to the grocery

Birmingham news logo /

They don't mind when people call them cheap. In fact, Steve and Annette Economides (yes, that's their real name) call themselves and their kids "America's cheapest family."

Birmingham News /
10/10/2010—Living Well on a Shoestring:


 Money-Saving Tips from America’s Cheapest Family
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