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Catch Your Drips — No more sticky floors

Catch Your Drips, Dripcatcher,

Years ago, Annette's dad, Syl Meola retired from a sales job in the electronics industry and took a job at his local church as the head of the maintenance department — that's right, he became a janitor. Syl is the consummate organizer and master of efficiency. He can fit more stuff in a small space than anyone we know. One thing he noticed was that whenever there was a reception or some sort of meeting where drinks were served from a coffee pot or cooler, inevitably some of the liquid ended up dripping on floor.


Discount Books, Music and Movies

save on college, textbooks, text books, no debt

We love books at our house — we have over 3000 of them; and we love music — it's constantly playing — we have several hundred cds, even more mp3s and even some LPs.

While we love music and books, we don't love paying full price for them.


College Text Book Savings

save on college, textbooks, text books, no debt

A subscriber to the web site sent in a great tips for saving money on college text books.


Dining Deals for Everyone, dining out, save money

A subscriber turned us on to to SAVE on Dining. We tried it for our anniversary last year and enjoyed a $35 meal for only $18 (this included the price of the gift certificate we purchased, tip, tax and the cost of the meal). The selection of restaurants is great.


A Better Way to Control Your Spending

Budget, Stretch, mvelopes, finance control

The more control you have over your money, the more money you'll have.


Save Money Eating Out and On Vacation

discount dining and entertainment coupons

Eating Out We've used the Entertainment Book for years to save on dining out. They've got coupons for hundreds of restaurants from fast food to elegant sit-down restaurants.

Groceries Many years they've had grocery coupons for Safeway offering $5 or $10 off your grocer purchase — using a couple of these coupons almost pays for the price of the book.


How You Can Eliminate Outrageous Cell Phone Bills

tmobile, t mobile, tmobil, t-mobile, prepaid, pre-paid

Get PREPAID without getting BURNED!

We like T-Mobile Prepaid Plans (read more about them here) and just purchased a pre-paid phone for emergencies. T-Mobile's customer service is phenomenal. Their best deal is to buy 1000 minutes of air-time (1 year expiration) and then roll-over any unused minutes by purchasing any denomination of minutes before the end of the year.

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