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Weekend Today Show — Cutting Your Grocery Bill in Half with Lester Holt

Today Show

A fun interview with co-host Lester

Joe, Steve, Lester holt, Annette and Abbey Economides America's Cheapest Family
Left to right: Joe, Steve, Lester Holt, Annette and Abbey.
America's Cheapest Family on the Today Show set with co-host Lester Holt.

We teased him a little and he riddled us with questions.

Is it a lot of work to be cheap.

What do you do to save money on groceries?

Are your kids deprived?

What do your friends think?

Do you freeze food?

Watch the interview below. Lester told us that living in Manhattan is a challenge—his family usually just brings in food. We think he was intriguied by our ideas because he asked several questions that weren't on the script he was suppose to follow.

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