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Map to Gas

Go to Mapquest, click on the gas icon at the top of the page, enter your zip code, and a map will appear showing the gas stations with the lowest prices in your area.

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Walking our way to savings

walking european style

We used to shop at stores that offered a gas discount, but then found their prices were higher and typically were out of our way :( We decided to move closer to all the places we typically shop and walk instead. We live on 3 major bus lines, our children ride the school bus, and I take my college classes for the most part at home on-line.

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Check Your Tires!!! Seriously Important

A dear friend, Judy, just sent us this link to an ABC 20/20 report about old tires being sold as new. This is EYE OPENING and DANGEROUS. Check your tires and be safe!

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Wal-Mart Car Battery Deal - Wow, What A Warranty

walmart warranty, car batteries, full replacement
On June 8, 2003 we researched and purchased a new car battery for our 1997 Honda Accord. Based on a Consumer Reports review, we decided to change from using Interstate Batteries - always reliable, but rather pricey, to Walmart's brand.
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Start Saving on Car Insurance Now!

We regularly promote quoting your Auto and Home Owners insurance.

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Saving Water With Kids

hose, water, sidewalk, car, wash,

Water is a commodity we too often let flow through our hands.

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Use Used Cars Again and Again

There are two principles that we've always lived by regarding cars.

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New Life for Wiper Blades

Here's a tip for drivers in the rain. When I worked at Blue Star Auto Stores in high school, I could buy replacement wiper blades for a dime all the way up to 25 cents.

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Car Payments No More!

After reading your "Cars are Expensive" article – Nov/Dec 03 – we decided to get rid of our mini-van and the payments that came with it each month.

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Less Car — More Funds and More Fun!

Buy Small Cars - save money Pay cash for cars

I appreciated your Nov/Dec 2003 issue and consider the car purchase article especially useful.

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