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Dilute and Save

Dilute Dish Soap

When I get low on laundry detergent, I add a little bit of water, shake and use this when I wash clothes that aren't real dirty.

I also use this same strategy with dish soap.

Another idea is when emptying a bottle of bbq sauce, add water and use this when cooking, for example in baked bbq pork chops.

diluted soap scientific findings

Read what this "Mad Scientist" wrote about the most powerful cleaning chemical out there.





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Get it all out...


Don't forget to pour milk in the chocolate syrup bottle to get out the last of the chocolate-- shake and you can drink the last glass of chocolate milk right out of the bottle. 


There's usually a way to mix water or milk with whatever is left in most bottles and pour it in something you're baking, cooking, or mixing to get the very last out, but that last little bit of chocolate milk is just the sweetest savings of all!

Great Advice

Lilly thanks for sharing. We do this all of the time - great for smoothies or to add to pancake batter.

laundry detergent/ fabric softener


I make my own laundry detergent.  3T borax, 3T Arm & Hammer Washing Soda, 2T Dawn(original blue), 1 capful of Purex Scent beads(blue bottle) and water and thats it !  Makes one(1) gallon.  Probably costs about .50 a gallon ...maybe. 

Pour borax, washing soda , dawn and scent beads(if desired) into your gallon container.  Add 4 cups of HOT water and stir to combine ingredients.  Once combined fill container to top with cold water.  DONE !  It does not have much suds...but it cleans like a champ !!  It also can be used in HE washers.  I just love this stuff !!

Fabric Softner

2 cups Suave Conditioner (I use 1.00 bottles), 3 cups white vinegar,

6 cups of water.  Mix all together.  DO NOT STIR !!   Use same amount as you would normally use.  I love this stuff too !!