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Re-Selling Yard Sale Clothes

Re-Selling Yard Sale Clothes

Whenever I go to yard sales where they have children's clothes and are doing "bag" sales ($1 to fill the bag), I buy up most of the kids clothes that are in good shape. I take them home and sort through them to see if there is anything that will fit my granddaughter. If not, I take the rest to a Kid-to-Kid location and trade them in for store credit. Then I can take my granddaughter shopping there for the clothes she needs. I did that the other day. I spent $4 and got $40 in store credit to spend!

Editors' Note: Kid-to-Kid is a franchised operation and has locations in over 20 states and also in Portugal. Click here for more info.

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Wow, it's amazing! I didn't


Wow, it's amazing! I didn't know about this so far and it seems that the yard sales are great opportunities for business. Since you shared your trick, I'll tell you my saving trick, I sometimes shop with the help of our local Tulsa classifieds resource, over time I got some pretty good deals this way, it's what got me addicted.

Kids' Clothes


I think this is a great idea. I actually buy clothes in bulk from a lady in the area. I had started to buy from the same person on CraigsList and now she e-mails me to let me know she is planning to post more clothes if I am interested before she posts on CraigsList. This has worked out really well and I have acquired nice clothes for my son and daughter this way. Sometimes I have gotten clothes that are too small, etc. and I have been able to re-sell them or yard sale them.

I have not heard of the Kid-to-Kid store and I looked at their site and they are not in my state. Another store I have found is Once Upon a Child. They give store credit and/or money on the spot for used items in good condition.