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Nine Cent Tea Party

I used to go to the expensive coffee shop and order a mocha for about $3.

Since economizing, I still go for "coffee" with my friend. But now I carry my own favorite tea bags (purchased in bulk for 9 cents each) in my purse. I ask for a cup of hot water and pop in my own tea bag - most restaurants are really nice about giving it to me for 10 cents or less. I also use this tactic when I am running errands or taking the kids here and there. It helps me avoid heading to the nearest place to buy coffee especially when I'm tired.

Julia Longo — Camas, WA (7.07)
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Wow!  That's incredible.  I


Wow!  That's incredible.  I thought I was doing well when I bought a box of tea at Starbucks (16 teabags) for double the price of their largest cup of tea.  Then I asked for their largest cup of hot water, which they gave me at no charge, and I made my own tea and enjoyed my evening reading and sipping tea at Starbucks.  I have to say, your nine cent tea party is even better!  I'll be bringing my own (Starbucks) tea to Starbucks next time, and asking for a cup of hot water.   Great tip!