Discounted Gas from Grocers - Follow-Up

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Lorraine writes: At King Scooper when you spend 100 you'll save ten cents a gallon.


Giant Eagle is a grocery retailer in Ohio, Maryland, western Pennsylvania and central West Virginia. Giant Eagle offers fuel perks which is their reward program for shopping with them. For every $50 you spend you receive 10¢ off per gallon of gas at GetGo, which is their own gas station. You can also get fuel perks for buying gift cards at Giant Eagle for a large list of retailers. I have bought gift cards not just for giving out as gifts but if I know that I am going to be shopping at one of the retailers I buy a gift card for that store. In doing so I can limit how much I spend at that retailer and get flypapers for doing it. They often run specials when you get double fuel perks for purchasing gift cards (i.e. 20¢ for every $50).
I have six children and have often been able to build up to free tanks of gas (up to 30 gallons).
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Spring Ashmore

Price Chopper, Sunoco Launch Fuel AdvantEdge in New York, Vermont, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire.

Lorraine and Spring

Editor's Note: Other grocers which we have seen with similar discount programs include: Safeway — including: Dominick's, Von's, Tom Thumb, Randall's, Genuardi's, Pavilions and Carrs



<P>I live in PA and shop at Giant Eagle to get the gas "perks".&nbsp; The problem with this is that in order to give you discounted fuel, they raise the price of everything in the store&nbsp;.&nbsp; I&nbsp;shop at Giant Eagle on Thursday (when the weekly sales start) and ONLY if I have coupons for the things that are on sale and ONLY if by using the couppons I am actually getting a discount.&nbsp; </P> <P>Holiday times are better because you can purchase gift cards at Giant Eagle and for a limited time for every $50 in gift cards purchased, you receive .20 off per gallon of gas.</P>