The Dawn Of Soft Soap

bottle of hand soap

One expense around the house that seemed unnecessary was the cost of hand soap. In D.C., it's gone up to $3.50 for a bottle of Method foam pump hand soap, and while we both appreciated the benefit of clean hands, we were wary to make this purchase a second time. Our solution? Diluting Dawn's new Direct Foam for dishes into the used bottle. We found that three or four pumps of Dawn, combined with water, provided enough soap to keep our hands clean and it costs us pennies to refill rather than dollars. The good news is that Dawn is regularly on sale, and coupons, of course, are always a hit.

Susan & Stephan Baumert
Falls Church, VA


<P>I do the exact same thing!!&nbsp; It is great!&nbsp; I just mix warm water (helps mix the soap and water when it is warm)&nbsp;and some Dawn and put it in any soft soap pump, they all&nbsp;work.&nbsp; I really don't like the foaming pump, so we just use a regular soap soft pump.&nbsp; And I am sure you could use any dish soap that you perfer.</P>

<P>My routine for this is similar. I will buy a bulk sized soap container and refill or will use my dish soap and dilute. I don't know how much I have saved but I know I do. I also will use any dish soap and dilute it back into my Dawn foaming containers instead of replacing them each time. It works great. </P>

<p>We like using the foaming hand wash because we find that it is less drying to the hands than other liquid hand soaps.&nbsp; What we do to save money is purchase a bottle of Tone foaming hand wash (for example) with a coupon.&nbsp; On this container there is a line toward the bottom of the bottle below where it says "with cocoa butter."&nbsp; When the container is empty, we fill the bottle to that line with <span class="body"><a href=";offerid=223073.10006940&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0" target="_blank">Walmart</a></span> brand pink antibacterial soap and then fill the rest of the container with water (leaving a little space for the pump).&nbsp; Put the pump back on the bottle and shake it well.&nbsp; We have 5 people in our household and find that a 64 oz. bottle of the soap from <span class="body"><a href=";offerid=223073.10006940&amp;type=3&amp;subid=0" target="_blank">Walmart</a></span> lasts us over a year - continuing to refill the dispensers in 2 bathrooms and the kitchen.&nbsp; </p>

<p>You guys are super smart shoppers. Diluting, foaming and keeping track of usage saves you money and keep you healthy. Washing hands is one of the cheapest ways to keep from getting sick. Keep leading the way!</p>