Price Tracking by Phone?

Camera Price Tags

I recently went to the supermarket armed with my paper and pen to record the prices and units of all the items I use when my cell phone rang. That's when I remembered I had a camera on my cell phone.

I went around taking a picture of all of the labels of the items I use and when I got home I was able to make a list at my leisure. It was a lot easier and less time consuming then  hand writing them all in the supermarket.

It was fast and easy!

Toni's Mom
Whitehall, PA

You can get a copy of our price tracker sheet on the Grocery Landing Page



<p>I also started price tracking and still do. When I am not totally prepared for different prices, I take pictures with my cell phone of the tag and any info if it isn't on the tag! It's a great way to "capture" savings and record it later on my price&nbsp; tracker sheet (I have a "shopping" binder)!!! It works!!!! </p>