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Being smarter with your grocery dollars is one of the fastest ways to fire-up your family's financial recovery. Here are four ways to begin saving on groceries starting today. 


Get a signed copy of our best selling book—
Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with America's Cheapest Family

It's chocked full of practical, achievable, time and moneysaving strategies. You'll eat better and spend less time and money doing it.


90 minute Audio Semainar
Stretching Your Grocery Dollars
D or Instant Download
Stretching Your Grocery Dollars - without becoming a coupon queen 
Annette Economides will walk you through
how we plan
the shopping, cooking and storage of the food we buy for our family. 
Without clipping a ton of coupons,
we spend less than half of what most peoplespend to feed their family.

This audio seminar is like having a one-on-one coaching session as she walks you through dozens of her planning, shopping, storing and cooking strategies.

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Saving money on food


I shop at places like priceright or aldi where prices are much more reasonable and get more for the money. donside is that you can't get everything there.