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Miracle Shopping List - remember what you need, get in, get out and save money on groceries

This Miracle Shopping List will save you time, money and mental energy. It can be customized to have all of your favorite foods on it (DIY). Just print it out, check off what you need and head to the store. What could be easier?

Many years ago, Steve created a personalized shopping list for Annette on our computer. It's been revised and fine tuned over time and is something we use every month to help us remember what foods and other staple items we normally buy. We check off what we want and write the quantities next to it. It's really simple to use. Having a pre-printed list that contains your regularly used foods makes planning a lot easier and faster.

You can download our list and modify it in MS Word or use it as is in a .pdf format

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We've seen lots of different kinds of shopping lists, but this one has to be one of the . . . well, of all of the shopping lists we've seen . . . this is a memorable one (we hope it wasn't yours!).

bad shopping list


Steve & Annette Economides
Scottsdale, AZ


This list looks great--thanks so much for sharing! To save paper and
money on copying or printing, you could easily laminate a copy of this
list, and then just use a water-washable
marker to mark what you need, wipe off when done, and reuse. You could
also use a permanent marker and just use a little nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol
on a cotton ball to clean it off if you're afraid of the water-washable
marker smearing or rubbing off. I'm a teacher and have a small (paper-sized) laminator at home, but I'm pretty sure Office Max, Staples, etc. will laminate documents.

I have used a roll of clear contact paper for laminating.  This saves time and money compared to taking it to store to be laminated. I have done this for years.  You can buy it in the discount stores - Dollar General, Family Dollar, Wal Mart, etc.