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Reader Tips

If you’re looking for lots of great tips to help you in your frugal journey, you’ve come to the right place! Our list of reader tips has been growing since we started in 2004, and there’s something for everybody. Browse from oldest to newest by type of tip.

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  • bottle of hand soap

    One expense around the house that seemed unnecessary was the cost of hand soap.

  • pair of Heeleys shoes

    I am a stay-at-home mother of four (my oldest is 8). I stay pretty busy and don’t often have time to go store to store to shop for anything!

    Gifts, Kids, Shopping
  • Cloth diapering has come a long way, and will save parents a whole lot of money. Here is a web site that I’ve found to be very helpful: But basically you need to know this: If you buy the cheapest cloth diapers and covers, you’ll spend about $270 and have supplies for ALL of your children. Of course cloth diapers do wear out after a few thousand washes, so if you have 10 kids, you might need to buy more. Laundry on cloth diapers is very inexpensive as well.

  • We were out shopping for back to school clothes when I decided to pop

    Clothes, Shopping
  • scrubbing around faucet with toothbrush

    I couldn’t clean my house without an old toothbrush.

    Kitchen Ideas
  • I was shopping for craft items at Michael’s one day.

    Workshop Ideas
  • I live in Glendale, Arizona— where the Super Bowl was played — but have a Peoria zip code. This has always seemed a little strange to me. A while back our neighborhood received a notice from the city that we would be allowed to vote on a proposal to change our zip code to a Glendale address. Initially, I thought it was a good idea, but after talking to one of my neighbors I changed my mind. She told me that she had researched it and said that it would raise her six month auto insurance premium $100 to $200 per year.

    Health Care
  • I have tried to use really inexpensive paper towels but always come back to Bounty’s “Select-a-Size.”

    Kitchen Ideas
  • I inherited a coverlet from my mom a few years ago — it was for a double bed and fit on the top of a Queen sized bed

    Crafts / Decor
  • Making my own baby food saved a lot of money. I used regular ice cube trays to freeze

    Babies, Groceries, Kids, Shopping
  • keys

    I live alone and am concerned about intruders. Here’s what I do. I put my car keys beside my bed at night. If I hear a noise outside my home or someone trying to break in, all I have to do is press the panic button for my car. The alarm will be set off and the horn will continue to sound until I turn it off or the car battery dies. Most burglars won’t hang around if there is a lot of noise. I learned this from a neighborhood watch coordinator. Before you do this, test it and see if your panic button works from your bedroom to your car.

    Health Care
  • disney vacation homes, cheap lodging, inexpensive home away, orlando rental

    We’ve been taking a biannual trip to Disneyworld for a number of years.

  • computer screen with plate of food

    Being a software/computer driven person, I stay away from pen and paper solutions.

  • Sometimes the desire to save money and the desire to do the right thing collide. We've started shopping for groceries monthly.

    Groceries, Shopping
  • discount books, free books, paperback swap, swapacd, used books

    Since my daughters home school their 5 kids, sometimes it can get pretty expensive to find the books they need.

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