How Often Do You Go To The Grocery Store?

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When we were researching and writing Cut Your Grocery Bill In Half, we discovered a couple of studies about our grocery shopping habits. Here's what we wrote.

In 2000, A. C. Nielsen produced a study showing that consumers were slightly reducing their trips to the grocery store. The trend went from 94 trips per year (1.8 trips per week) in 1997 to 90 trips per year (1.73 per week) in 2000. In 2008 a Food Marketing Institute and Nielsen survey revealed that the decline in grocery store visits has stopped. Now they have found that Americans are going to the store more than previously: 98 trips per year or 1.9 trips per week.

How often you go to the store will definitely affect your grocery bill. See how you stack up to other folks who have taken this poll.

We want to see if Nielsen and The Food Marketing Institute were correct, so if you have a second, could you place your vote? 

How many times do you go to the store?


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I plan my menu and do most of my shopping in one afternoon.  But I have four small children and only one refrigerator, so I have to go twice a week in order to pick up additional milk.  But, I'm good about not being tempted to buy other things while I'm there the second time!

My husband and I shop together each week. We have lists for the two closest stores and the farmers market when in season. Then we go to the nearest city for specialty shopping like Sam's Club, health food store, etc.This helps alot with prices and gas savings too.

PS our grocery store has a card that allows for gas savings accumulated  with shopping there.  I can't wait for your book to arrive to learn more about frugality.

I have found that you can save a lot of money by going a few times to the store each week.  This way you can check out the reduced dairy, lunchmeat, produce, etc.  I don't make a special trip, but if I am out I will stop by a store that is close by.  As long as you have the self control not to buy anything except the best deals, it is a good idea.  But, if you are tempted to by other things, then it isn't worth it.

I do my "big" grocery shopping once every six weeks but still shop once a week for milk and loss leaders.   I stop by after work so I don't have additional gas expenses to consider.

That is the fitting blog for anybody who needs to find out about saving money. You notice so much its almost laborious to argue with you (not that I truly would need…HaHa). You definitely put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, just great! 

I actually shop at four different grocery stores, each once/week.  I'm a "cherry-picker," purchasing pretty much only what each store has at a very good price (sale combined with coupon or double coupon).  I combine my shopping trips with other chores I have in the area of each respective store.  Plus, I often pick up grocery items at CVS and Walgreen's, when I pass by.  I am not working outside the home, so I have the time, energy and desire to do this...and consider this as my "job" (how I contribute to our 2-seniors' budget).